Evridiki was born on the 25th of February. She grew up in Nicosia and she started to read music and to sing from a very early age.

1983 : She takes part in the vocal part of the group which represented Cyprus in the Eurovision Song Festival.

1986 : She take part in the vocal part of the group which represented Cyprus in the Eurovision Song Festival with Elpida and the song "Tora Zo"

1987 : She takes part in the Eurovision Song Contest with Alexia and the song "Aspro Mavro"

1989 : She moves to Athens

1990 : She does her first record job in a compilation called "To proto mas party"

1991 : She releases her first personal record called "Gia proti fora". Dakis takes part in a duet

1992 : She represents Cyprus first time on her own in the Eurovision Song Contest with the song "Tairiazoume"
She releasesher second personal record called "Poso ligo me ksereis"
She wins the award of the "Best Female Performer" in the greek music contest of the "Popcorn" magazine

1993 : She releases"Misise me"

1994 : She represends Cyprus for the second time in the Eurovision Song Contest with the song "Eimai anthropos ki ego"

1995 : She releases her fifth double personal album called "H epomeni mera", containing a live recording of the conserts she did the previous year
The song "Afto to fili" becomes a video clp which is presented at MTV

1996 : In November, she gives birth with her husband George Theofanous to her son Agelos
She releases CD single containing the songs "Deka ores" and "Pesto mou afto"
She releases her album "Pesto mou afto". Antonis Vardis takes part in a duet

1998 : She releases her album "Dese mou ta matia". Valantis takes part in a duet
The duet with Valantis is awarded as the "Best Duet" in the greek music contest of "Popcorn" magazine

1999 : She releases her album "To koumbi"

2000 : She releases her album "Ola dika sou". Stelios Rokkos takes part in a duet
Meanwhile she celebrates her 10-year-presence in the greek music scene

2002 : She releases the live album "Live ... ki alliws", a recording from conserts in House of Art in Athens
Inside the album Evridiki presents the first song in her own music and lyrics

2003 : She releases the album "Oso fevgo gyrizo", changing completely her style. Dimitris Korgialas takes part in a duet. The songs were written by Dimitris Korgialas, Giorgos Dimtiriadis, Giorgos Aloupogiannis, Dimitris Karras, Stamatis Pantazopoulos and Evridiki who also shows up as the producer of the album.

In the summer she takes part with other singers in her ex husband's live consert, which was recorded and published in CD.

She also takes part in Vasilis Papakonstantinou's live consert. After this, they start night live appearances in Athens and Thessaloniki.

2004 : Her cooperation with Vasilis Papakonstantinou showed up successfull, so they continued to a summer tour across Greece. Meanwhile Evridiki is prepairing her new CD.

2005 : In middle February she releases her latest CD "Sto idio vagoni". All the songs were composed by Dimitris Korgialas and written by him and Lilian Dimitrakopoulou. Evridiki wrote two of the songs (music and lyrics) and there are two duets with Dimitris Korgialas and Georgia Kefala.

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